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Our team is dedicated to provide you with personalized eye care with excellence and compassion.  During your visit to our office, we take the time to get to know you, to explain the tests being performed, and to address your questions and concerns about your vision and ocular health.  In doing so, it allows us to form a treatment plan and make recommendations customized to your lifestyle and visual needs.  It is our passion to serve you and to ensure that you SEE, LOOK, and FEEL your very BEST!

Comprehensive Eye Exam

The key to healthy eyes and healthy sight.


"I love surfing and I love CRT!


In the past, I would wear regular contacts when I surf and worry about it drying up or getting lost in the ocean. I decided to do CRT because I knew I would not have to wear contacts during the day. I am so glad my optometrist suggested CRT lenses and how it is to be worn overnight when I sleep. In the morning, I would take them off and be ready to conquer my day — contact-free. My vision with CRT has been very clear and it made my surfing experience even better.


I highly recommend this treatment to anyone willing to enjoy their daily activities without the need of contacts or glasses."

-Joey K.